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IV. Modification of the present terms and conditions: Marvin retains the right to modify/ delete/change/alter at any time the present conditions without any prior notice, however, any such modification/ deletion/alteration will always be complied with the existing legal framework of Greece and the E.U.

V. Visitor’s/User’s obligations and their liability: No visitor/user is permitted to post anything on Marvin’s website. Any damage caused due to misuse/unlawful use of Marvin’s website by a visitor/user, the latter will be held liable. The visitor/user who will infringe the personal data of third parties, or who will break any other criminal law, in general, by using Marvin’s website, they wSill be held exclusively liable.

VI. Disclaimer: Marvin does not guarantee for the availability of Marvin’s website and will not be held liable for any damages caused due to the interruption of Marvin’s website’s function for any reason that might have caused such interruption, including maintenance of the website’s/network’s system. Marvin has taken all necessary steps to protect the visitor/user of its website. However, Marvin will not be held liable for any kind of damage whatsoever that might be caused to the visitor/user of the website for any reason, including any malevolent cyber intruders.

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VIII. Applicable law and Jurisdiction: All the above-mentioned terms and conditions of use of this website are substitute to Greek Law they constitute the agreement between Marvin and the visitors/users of this website. Any modification of this agreement will be in written and will be incorporated herein, otherwise it will be invalid.